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Stranger Things Fans Disappointed After Finding Out How Long They Have to Wait For Final Season

Stranger Things Season 4 ended with a bittersweet bang, leaving viewers with a bunch of questions about what will happen in the fifth and final season of the Duffer Brothers' popular horror sci-fi series, but now, fans are disappointed after finding out how long we're expected to have to wait for it.

While Netflix hasn't announced an official release date for the final season, reports have suggested it won't come out until 2024, with THR also noting that Season 5 is expected to run for eight episodes.

As Collider's Steven Weintraub points out, the final season of Stranger Things is scheduled to film next year in Atlanta, Georgia, which means that the earliest it will arrive on Netflix is 2024.

When asked if the Duffer Brothers confirmed this update, Weintraub said: “Nope. Someone else told me.”

Stranger Things fans react to long wait

Stranger Things 5
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Stranger Things 5

Of course, some fans are disappointed to hear how long they'll likely have to wait for Stranger Things Season 5, and some even reacted with memes. Check out the reactions below:

Waiting feels like being stuck in the Upside-Down

Waiting feels like the emotions when Eddie died

Don't you wish you didn't discover Stranger Things yet?

He just can't wait to see Eleven vs. Vecna

Details for Stranger Things Season 5 are still being kept under wraps, but the Duffer Brothers teased a few bits while speaking at a Los Angeles panel (via Unilad) to discuss the hit horror sci-fi series. The duo said they presented the first Season 5 script to Netflix a couple of weeks ago and now they're writing the next one.

They revealed that there were tears during the two-hour meeting with Netflix.

“We did get our executives to cry, which I felt was a good sign that these executives were crying,” Matt Duffer revealed, before joking:: “The only other times I’ve seen them cry were like budget meetings."

Executive producer Shawn Levy said: “As a witness and having been in that two-hour pitch room and having read the first script – I’m paralyzed with fear that I’ll spoil anything, but I will say the thing about these Duffer brothers is that even though the show has gotten so famous and the characters have gotten so iconic and there’s so much about the ‘80s and the supernatural genre, it’s about these people, it’s about these characters.

“Season five is already so clearly taking care of these stories of the characters because that’s always been the lifeblood of Stranger Things.”

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You can read more details about the final season in everything we know about Stranger Things Season 5. A Stranger Things spinoff is also being planned, but don't expect its debut anytime soon.

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