Stranger Things' Dacre Montgomery Confirms Power Rangers Franchise will Reboot AGAIN

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People may know him best as Billy from Stranger Things, but Dacre Montgomery was also the lead Jason in the Power Rangers reboot from 2017. The movie famously flopped when it came out, and Montgomery himself has confirmed that Hasbro has decided to do another reboot.

Talking during a Reddit AMA, Montgomery was asked about any plans for the future of the Power Rangers franchise, to which he said: "I think there is a [Power Rangers] movie in the works but it's not with me and the cast. So yes [another Power Rangers movie will take place], but not with us."

As of now, Hasbro hasn't made any formal announcements about rebooting Power Rangers, but seeing it's one of their biggest toy brands, it would make sense that they would make a film that would actually appeal to people.

If you ask me, maybe they should just go the sequel/reboot direction with the original Rangers coming back and they try to recruit new defenders of the earth. If they really want to go all out, maybe they can make an Into the Spider-Verse situation and have multiple groups of Rangers crossover with each other from Wild Force to Beast Morphers.

Though we may not see Montgomery in Power Rangers again, you can catch him in his fantastic portrayal of Billy in the third season of Stranger Things on Netflix. You can also catch his co-star Naomi Scott in Aladdin as the live-action Princess Jasmine.

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