Stranger Things 4: Writers Tease First Episode of the Season

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November 6 was the day that Will Byers disappeared back in 1983, and everyone online was celebrating what has been dubbed as #StrangerThingsDay. We know that a fourth season of the show is in the works and the writers on Twitter have revealed the title of the first episode.

Check it out:


We don't really know what "The Hellfire Club" would mean for the show, but it could either be a serious entity in the season or maybe just a name for some club of kids. We know that Stranger Things loves its 80s pop culture, so what if the "Hellfire Club" is the name of some gang that the kids run into in the show, and they named themselves after the X-Men villains?

We know that the show is already looking to cast four new characters, one adult male, and three adolescent boys. My guess is that these boys are the Hellfire Club, and they'll be the new secondary antagonists of the show; maybe they can even be a rival nerd group for Mike and his friends.

Again, this is all just speculation on my part, do don't take anything too seriously until we get some new information.


While I thought that Stranger Things could have been finished with the third season, I admit I do love the characters so much that I would love to see more of them. The Duffer Brothers have been great in the sense that they haven't managed to make a "weak" season yet, so fingers crossed they pull off a great Season 4 as well.

Stranger Things Season 4 has no specific release date, but you can catch the first three seasons on Netflix now.

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