Storage Auction With Magic The Gathering Cards Sells For $93,000

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A storage auction with Magic: The Gathering cards in Vancouver, Canada has been sold for $93,001., a website that auctions abandoned storage units, shared images and a video clip showing what the storage of Magic: The Gathering cards contains, and although we get to see boxes, bins, and binders containing Magic cards, the website doesn't reveal what the actual cards are.

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Credit: Bid13

The only identifiable items seen here (other than the MTG bundle boxes) are seen at 0:56, which showed planeswalker preconstructed decks, and at 1:06: there's a Mythic Edition box of some kind. It looks like most of the Magic packaging are recent products.The type of player buying Amonkhet and Dominaria boxes probably doesn't have binders of Power 9 cards sitting in a storage locker, so I wouldn't be surprised if the overall value of the cards in the storage are just worth a few thousands, so $93,000 might be too high for what this storage contains.


However, we've seen YouTuber Bargainhuntersthrift discovered a storage with Alpha, Beta, and Arabian Nights cards, which is probably worth more than they paid for. Check it out:

Would you pay $93,001 for a storage full of Magic cards even though you don't know the exact cards it contains?

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