Steven Spielberg's West Side Story will Shoot Next Summer

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A lot of people thought that Steven Spielberg's next project would be the fifth Indiana Jones movie, but since that film is still working out kinks with the script, it looks like Spielberg can turn to another passion project of his—West Side Story.

According to Discussing Film, Spielberg is planning to shoot his remake of West Side Story next July. We have yet to get any updates on the film, like a cast or screenwriter, but hopefully more news drops as production goes along.


Spielberg was said to have considered the original West Side Story to be influential to his work, and this remake was said to be a project that he had wanted to do for a long time. Though Spielberg is best known for his work on sci-fi adventure films, it would be interesting to see what kind of direction he would take with the musical genre.

Personally, I'm excited to see this movie made. I was a fan of the film back high school, and I would love to see an updated version make it on the big screen. I'm just hoping that Spielberg keeps the 60s feel as compared to updating it to a more modern tone.

Honestly, that was one of my biggest disappointments with the Great Gatsby movie.


No release date has been set for West Side Story, but with the production date set, the film could come out in 2020.

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