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Steven Spielberg's West Side Story Officially Coming to Disney+ Soon

After bagging 7 nominations for West Side Story on the 94th Academy Awards, the film is officially announced streaming on Disney+ on March 2.

The critically acclaimed director, Steven Spielberg, continues to produce remarkable films that capture the audience and take them to the wonderful world of cinema.

Today, Disney has officially announced that the multi-awarded West Side Story is coming to Disney+ on March 2.

Spielberg is labeled as one of the best Hollywood directors of all time and he is no longer a stranger to film academy awards. The director is behind our favorite films like The Indiana Jones series, Ready Player One, Jaws, War of The Worlds, and E.T.

Seems like the filmmaker won't stop making movies as he released 2021’s West Side Story together with playwright Tony Kushner. West Side Story is Kushner and Spielberg’s mini-reunion, as the two have collaborated in the past films Lincoln Munich.

West Side Story, remake 1961 with the same title, musical romantic drama, follows a love story of two modern-day Romeo and Juliet on the upper west side. The film’s main conflict is that the two are from different gangs trying to control the territory. The film received positive reviews noting the film’s cinematography, costume and designs, good choreography, and of course good original music.

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1961’s original West Side Story that the Spielberg based it from was nominated for 11 Academy Awards and won 10. The 1961 film also holds the Oscars record for holding the most wins in the musical category.

Spielberg’s film on the other hand dominated the 94th Academy Awards by landing 7 nominations, including Best Director and Best Picture. Spielberg breaks a record for the only filmmaker to be nominated for 6 Best Director in six different decades.

The Oscar awards night will be in March and we can’t wait to see how many wins West Side Story will receive, but landing the Best Director and Best Picture nominations is already a big milestone for the film.

West Side Story will be streaming on Disney+ on March 2.

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