Steven Spielberg: Ready Player One Is A ‘Cautionary Tale’

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Though the buzz is nowhere near Star Wars, I expect that a lot of people will be excited for Ready Player One when it comes out in March 2018. With so much of the film based on ‘80s pop culture, it's basically the perfect choice to have Steven Spielberg direct the movie.

Talking to USA Today, Spielberg talks about the relevant themes in the film. He says the movie is, ""a cautionary tale but also an exhilarating adventure." He also goes on to talk about the ‘80s nostalgia, saying:

"[The ‘80s] had a refreshing lack of cynicism, and in our story, that's what people are trying to return to. In their real lives, they're living in a debris field of the first half of the 21st century."

Ready Player One is set in the year 2045 where a huge mass of the population has found a way to escape their bleak reality via the OASIS. Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) is on a quest to find Easter Eggs hidden in the game that will grant the winner full control over the OASIS as well as a massive fortune.

Along the way, Wade will actually meet some kooky characters from the OASIS, and Spielberg also has something to say about them as well:

"You get to know their quirks, (but) you don't know who the person really is until you meet them in the real world. So there's always that doubt: Are they telling the truth about themselves?"

The movie actually looks like a good bit of fun, and if the nostalgia alone isn't enough to hook you, you still get a movie from one of the most masterful filmmakers in the century—how could it be bad?

Ready Player One is set for a release on March 30, 2018.

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