Star Wars Writer Teases New Project Focusing on the First Order

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We might not be getting a new Star Wars film in a long time but it looks like Lucasfilm is far from slowing down. A new tease from writer Michael Moreci might confirm that there's a new project in development and it could focus on the First Order.

Moreci took to his official Twitter account to share an image of a special notebook. He then added an interesting caption that immediately had fans talking. Take a look at his tweet below.

"I've been saving this notebook for a very special occasion. It's literally been sitting on my desk, and I've waiting--*hoping*--for the moment to arrive. And it has," Moreci wrote. "But what the special project is...that's a myssssterrrrrryyyyy."


There's not much to go on here but there is a huge possibility that Moreci's new "special project" could be connected to the First Order considering that the notebook has their logo. On the other hand, it might also cover other things that took place during the Resistance Era. Either way, it's an exciting idea and we can't wait to get an official announcement from Star Wars soon.

Moreci has previously worked on stories for Star Wars Adventures so we could be looking at a new novel or comic book. However, considering that the writer is using a notebook with the First Order logo, there's a huge chance that it will not be connected to the High Republic projects.

What do you think Moreci's "special project" will be about? Could it focus on one particular character working with the First Order or could it highlight the Resistance? Sound off in the comments below.

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