27 Dec 2020 3:41 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars: Will Ahsoka Tano Series Introduce Darth Talon?

There is little doubt that fans already have big hopes for Star Wars: Ahsoka. After all, the upcoming Disney+ series will focus on Ahsoka Tano, who made her live-action debut in The Mandalorian Season 2. But what can we expect from the upcoming Rosario Dawson show? There are speculations that the highly anticipated series could finally introduce Darth Talon into live-action and make her canon again.

Talon was introduced in the Star Wars Expanded Universe comic books which is now known as Legends. However, a previous report has revealed that George Lucas had initially planned to re-introduce the character in the sequel trilogy where she would be Darth Maul's apprentice who eventually becomes the "new Darth Vader."

Although Lucas' plans for Talon didn't happen, some believe that the Star Wars creator may have found a way to bring the character into the Disney+ shows considering that he visited the set of The Mandalorian. There are speculations that Talon could be one of the new characters who will be introduced in the Ahsoka Tano series and that she could go up against the former Jedi.

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So what are the chances that Ahsoka will make Talon canon? It's possible considering that Lucas has been keeping in contact with Dave Filoni, who is in charge of the series. For now, it's too soon to tell, but it's a great idea, and we're hoping that it is confirmed soon.

Do you think Star Wars: Ahsoka is the best way to make Darth Talon canon? Is it possible that the character will appear in other Disney+ shows? Sound off in the comments below.

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