Star Wars: Watch the Opening Cantina Fight from The Mandalorian

Disney+ launches today, and it's the only way to catch the highly anticipated Star Wars show, The Mandalorian. Sadly, the platform isn't available for everyone just yet, but you can catch a clip from the show which has been officially released by Lucasfilm.

This actually takes place at the beginning of the first episode and is pretty much the first action setpiece of the series. There's actually a short bit in the episode showing the Mando before he walks into the bar, but I guess this clip really gets into the meat of that scene.

I have to say, though the first episode of The Mandalorian isn't perfect, it definitely sets up the show nicely. Pedro Pascal's Mandalorian is very likable despite not talking much, and the expansion of the underworld is fun to look at.

If I had any gripes, I would have to say that the effects aren't as consistent as I would like them to be. Some effects look pretty prequel-era, but then some look fantastic. I also think it's distracting that they couldn't match the Ugnaught's mouth with the words he was speaking. I also thought the music was kind of corny, compared to other Star Wars expansions like Rogue One and Solo.

If anything, the show definitely has more good than bad. Hopefully, it's all up from here when it comes to the seven remaining episodes of the series. Let's hope they deliver because this pretty much sets the tone for the future Star Wars shows. Then again, part of me kind of wants the Obi-Wan series to be turned back into a film, but let's just see where it goes.

The Mandalorian is now available on Disney+.

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