Star Wars TROS X-Wing Model Kit Reveals Poe Flying with R2-D2, NOT BB-8

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With Poe Dameron losing his black X-Wing in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, he's going to be getting a new orange and white one with The Rise of Skywalker. What's interesting though, is that a model kit reveal from Bandai has revealed that Poe will be flying with R2-D2 rather than BB-8.

This is the promo image:

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via: Bandai


It's odd that it's R2 flying on the ship since the Hasbro version of Poe's X-Wing clearly comes with BB-8. I Personally, I think that the one where R2 is included is the more accurate one, seeing as these model kits go into very great detail. Besides, Hasbro is probably a lot more involved when it comes to preventing leaks from the film—a leak like the reveal that we'll get R2 inside an X-Wing cockpit again.

We don't know when a space battle is going to go down in Star Wars TROS, but I'm definitely excited to see it go down. While lightsabers are cool, I always thought that the starship fights were the real show when it came to Star Wars. Kind of a shame we never got to see old Luke pilot an X-Wing one more time. Maybe TROS will give us some kind of flashback before he lands on Ach-To?

Catch Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker when it hits theaters Dec. 20.

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