Star Wars: The Two Halves of Darth Maul Share a Photo Together

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Maul saw a triumphant return in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and it looks like Lucasfilm is ready to invest in the future of the character moving forward. Everyone knows that Rey Park provides the face and body for the character, but it's actually someone different who provides the voice.

Now check out this photo of Park and the voice of Maul, Sam Witwer:


In The Phantom Menace, it was actually Peter Serafinowicz who provided the voice of Maul. Witwer jumped into the role during the Clone Wars series. Interestingly enough, Witwer provided the face of Galen Mark in the now defunct Force Unleashed storyline.

Witwera and Park had come together to bring Maul back in Solo, but a lot of people are wondering when we're going to see the character return. We know he's alone and destitute when we meet him in Star Wars Rebels, so at some point he has to lose his connections with the Crimson Dawn. Hopefully the home sales of Solo will convince Lucasfilm to give us another shot at a sequel. Besides Maul, I quite liked all the characters introduced in the film—most especially Alden Ehrenreich's Han Solo.

We don't know when Maul will grace the screen again, but at least we know that Witwer and Park are willing to come back should Lucasfilm make the call.


Solo: A Star Wars Story is now available for digital and will hit Blu-Ray on Sept. 25.

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