30 Jul 2020 12:30 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Comic Artist Seemingly Debunks Cancelation Rumors

Initially set for release in June, the comic book adaptation for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has been delayed, leading to fans wondering whether it'll see the light of day. Rumors about the book being canceled by Marvel Studios even surfaced earlier this week, but artist Will Sliney might offer a glimmer of hope.

Asked by a fan on Twitter about any updates on The Rise of Skywalker comic, Sliney responded in a since-deleted post that there's nothing yet, but he's excited to share what he and writer Jody House came up with for the adaptation. You can check out his response below with a screenshot shared by a Redditor.

Will Sliney technically debunks the rumors that The Rise of Skywalker comic adaptation was cancelled

While Sliney didn't address whether or not the adaptation is actually canceled, he seemingly debunked the cancellation rumors saying that he's excited for the fans to finally see it.

The Skywalker Saga may have wrapped up when The Rise of Skywalker landed in theaters, but the five-issue miniseries won't just bring elements from the film, it'll also feature new story material and offer new insight into key scenes.

Whether or not the comic adaptation ends up getting canceled, it's understandable since this is only one of the many comic series from major publishers that would have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. It's possible that Marvel Comics could reserve its release to when its numbers could perform better, but hopefully, things will get figured out soon!

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