Star Wars: The Revenge of The Sith Becomes Popular Again, Thanks to Gen Z Fans

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Star Wars fans might not be too keen on the Star Wars prequel trilogy, but now that the Star Wars franchise is coming to an end with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker making the rounds on the big screen, it seems like there's been a renewed in the sequels, particularly Star Wars: Episode I –The Revenge of the Sith.

According to a report by Comic Book Review, there seems to be a resurging interest in Star Wars' prequel trilogy movies, specifically The Phantom Menace. Star Wars fans might not really have the same interest in the Star Wars prequels than with the Star Wars original trilogy, however, there seems to be a growing love for Revenge of the Sith, the third and final entry in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Apparently, Revenge of the Sith has been the subject of admiration on social media for the past few months, with younger fans openly discussing the film on social media. Tiktok has also been helping the film for some reason. For those who aren't familiar with the site, Tiktok is a social media platform that allows users and content creators to share viral videos and clips. Revenge of the Sith has become a trend on the site with fans recreating moments from the Star Wars prequel.


This renewed interest in the Revenge of the Sith has also been attributed to Gen Z fans who are finally taking to the internet. According to the publication, fans who grew up watching the prequels have had some nostalgia over the trilogy, and recently they've been revisiting films like Revenge of the Sith.

How about you? How do you feel about Revenge of the Sith? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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