Star Wars: The Force Awakens Heads to Graphic Novel Format

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IDW and Lucasfilm are expanding the reach of its all-ages line for the comics department with a newly-announced comic book adaptation.

According to THR, the publisher will be giving younger readers a new way to experience Star Wars: The Force Awakens via a different platform. The latest movie will get its own comic that spans 80 pages, with the art taking inspiration from other Disney animations to bring it closer to its target market.


Alessandro Ferrari will be charged with the story, while Disney artists who have worked on other Star Wars adaptations for Disney Lucasfilm Press and mastered the art that closes the gap between the Star Wars movies and Disney animation.

This new adaptation is supposedly the precursor for the monthly series that will arrive for the all-ages younger line. It will be the start of the Star Wars Adventures, which is set to arrive on September. The series will follow Rey's early life in Jakku.

Star Wars' expansion in terms of the franchise has been almost at a breakneck speed. Even the movie franchise has been seeing a bit of a down, between the directorial exits and the current dissatisfaction with the lead for the Han Solo spin-off movie. While I do appreciate how these efforts open up the franchise to a bevy of viewers, it gives that almost rushed feeling with rolling out wave after wave of content—sometimes repetitive ones—to fans.

If you are looking forward to this, the comic adaptation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released this August.

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