Star Wars: The Clone Wars is Leaving Netflix Next Month

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars might be coming back for one final season but it looks like we will be losing the show on Netflix. Most of us anticipated this since Disney is setting up their own streaming service in Disney+ so anything Disney-related in that platform has a shelf-life, though this is still sad for those that are enjoying the series on this streaming service.

According to Entertainment Weekly, we won't be seeing The Clone Wars in Netflix starting on April 7, so if you haven't yet, binge all of the seasons right now. It's really sad to see the series go but it will be back soon enough, most likely in Disney+ or other services. At the least, fans still have a few more weeks to enjoy the show on Netflix.

Netflix has been a good partner for Disney, not only showing a number of Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars content but also airing The Clone Wars episodes that didn't get to be screened on Disney XD. While Disney+ will be a threat to Netflix, we can only hope that these two work together again in the near future.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be returning for one final season later this year. Star Wars: Episode IX comes out on December 20.

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