Star Wars: The Clone Wars Creator Thanks Fans With Awesome Ahsoka Art

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars is over and fans are weeping over how good the final season was. While we knew that characters like Ahsoka and Rex would live, the ending still had a number of tragic moments that will haunt Star Wars fans for life. It also had one of the best images we've ever seen of Darth Vader, seeing him wield a blue lightsaber after years of only witnessing the character down foes with his red one.

Dave Filoni, who created The Clone Wars and its follow-up Rebels, posted a piece of art with Ahsoka leaving her lightsaber behind as a way to thank fans for all of their support. We wouldn't have gotten The Clone Wars Season 7 if it weren't for fan outcry so we can see why Filoni would go out of his way to thank the fans.

After The Clone Wars ended, many fans went on to claim that this was the best piece of Star Wars media ever, giving filler characters from the movies development that no one expected. Anakin Skywalker, who is pretty unlikable in the prequels, is a much more interesting character in The Clone Wars. Obi-Wan, who everyone has always liked, feels more complete after this series, and seeing his rivalry with Darth Maul is amazing.

Of course, the best parts were seeing original characters like Ahsoka and Rex during this time. They never appear in the live-action movies but feel real due to their motivations and actions. We can see why Ahsoka would give up on the Jedi way and seeing her kill some of her clone friends in the finale was tear-inducing.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is finally complete and can be binged now on Disney+.

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