Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comics Writer Comments on Series Delay

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In case you missed it, the release of the new Star Wars comic book series based on the Clone Wars has been delayed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Although the first issue of Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars – Battle Tales was supposed to drop on April 1st, the release has been pushed back because of the ongoing pandemic. But when exactly can we get our hands on the comics? Writer Michael Moreci has offered an update on the series.

Moreci took to his official Twitter account to address the delayed release of Battle Tales. Interestingly, the writer also added a bit of humor to his post. Take a look at his tweet below.


"STAR WARS ADVENTURES: CLONE WARS BATTLE TALES #1 was supposed to come out today. Considering everything happening in comics, this is a small thing. And the series--all 5 issues--will come out! It's just a matter of when," Moreci wrote. He then added, "In the meantime, I'm fine. I'm totally fine. I'm fiiiine," along with a gif of the legendary Crying Dawson gif.

It's great to see that Moreci still has a sense of humor although his comic book series has been delayed. Hopefully, we'll get an update on Battle Tales in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

The release of Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars – Battle Tales is currently on hold due to COVID-19.

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