Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 1 Brings Back Clone Wars' Unsung Hero

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch kicked off with a jaw-dropping premiere episode that featured several cameos from other characters in the Star Wars Universe. However, Aftermath also brought back an unsung hero from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS from Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 1! Proceed with caution!

In The Bad Batch Episode 1, viewers got to see Clone Force 99 in the comfort of their home in Kamino. However, their safety is soon threatened when Hunter, Tech, Echo, and Wrecker refuse to execute Order 66. Crosshair, who shares this intel with Moff Tarkin, gets reprogrammed to turn against his companions and this leads the others to leave Kamino with the young clone Omega instead.

For now, it looks like we won't be seeing much of Kamino after Episode 1. However, Aftermath also brought back a character who was integral in the biochip conspiracy from The Clone Wars. At one point, Echo and Omega interact with the medical droid AZI-345211896246498721347 or AZI-3 (AZ) for short.

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The Clone Wars fans would remember AZ as the droid who assisted CT-5555 aka Fives when the latter was investigating fellow Clone Trooper Tup's assassination of the Jedi General Tiplar. Together, they found Tup's chip that has decayed and may have been the reason why he killed the Jedi in the first place.

Sadly, it looks like AZ has been reprogrammed after Fives' death but the droid also found a new friend in Omega. Nevertheless, it was awesome to see AZ prove it is a true hero in the Star Wars Universe.

The Bad Batch Episode 1 is now streaming on Disney+.

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