Star Wars Teases Ezra Bridger's Location Finally Being Revealed

There is little doubt that the Star Wars Universe is filled with several unsolved mysteries. However, it looks like at least one of these enigmas will be solved soon. A new Star Wars book has just teased on the possibility that we will finally find out what happened to Ezra Bridger after the Star Wars Rebels finale.

In the final season of Star Wars Rebels, Ezra made the ultimate sacrifice to make sure his crew of Ghost manage to escape without having to worry about Grand Admiral Thrawn. In the final episode, Ezra chose to go after Thrawn as his ship jumps into hyperspace. Although Family Reunion and Farewell pretty much showed what happened after Ezra's disappearance, it also teased on Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren teaming up to search for him. But is it possible that someone else will find him before they do?

The Star Wars novel Shadow Fall, it is confirmed Ezra's other friends have not forgotten about him (via Screenrant). At one point, former Rebel and current member of the New Republic General Hera Syndulla is shown worrying about the ongoing conflict with the Empire and she mentions that she wishes she had a Jedi Knight with her. Although it is obvious that she is pining for the late Kanan Jarrus, it's also evident that she is hoping to reunite with Ezra, who is a Jedi who believed to still be alive.

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The Alexander Freed book isn't the only thing that's teasing Ezra's mystery being solved. Fans believe that everything will finally be revealed in The Mandalorian Season 2 when Ahsoka shows up. However, it is important to point out that Ahsoka's appearance has not yet been confirmed so it's best to take this with a grain of salt.

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