Star Wars Showrunner Isn’t Afraid of Backlash, Nor is George Lucas

The Star Wars fanbase might be difficult to please, but Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels showrunner Dave Filoni isn't afraid of backlash from fans.

The Clone Wars just came to an end this week, and so, Deadline decided to interview Filoni to talk more about the series and plans that the Star Wars showrunner has for the franchise. The entertainment news outlet also got to talking about Star Wars: The Mandalorian, the hit new Star Wars live-action series which has Filoni in its roster of episode directors.

While the series has been a success so far, it seems like Filoni isn't really concerned about how fans might receive the stories that he makes after they release.

"I don't really ever think of it in those terms. George and I, we never really talked in those terms as far as what the fans would allow," Filoni told the publication, "It was more his experiences making the films and more his sensibilities that we always discussed. Ultimately, when it comes down to it, as the storyteller you have to tell a story that you like and hope other people like it too. I think that there are enough shared sensibilities of what we all liked about Star Wars as far as this being an adventure, it's fun, there's a great deal of tension and mythology, but you know, everyone can come at it from a different point of view."

It shouldn't come as a surprise to hear that Star Wars creator George Lucas didn't really care about backlash either. A lot of the cast and crew of A New Hope didn't really understand or believe in what Lucas was trying to do when the director made his first Star Wars movie, yet the filmmaker went on with the project. Star Wars fans revolted against The Phantom Menace, and yet Lucas went on to complete the prequel trilogy.

While we can't quite make out the future of the franchise now that the Skywalker saga has come to an end, we know for certain that Star Wars is made up of brave storytellers.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is currently streaming on Disney+.

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