05 Jul 2020 1:41 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars Reveals Why Luke Skywalker Feared Rey in The Last Jedi

One of the most memorable scenes in Star Wars: The Last Jedi was undoubtedly the one where Luke Skywalker admitted that he was terrified of Rey. In the movie, Luke realized that Rey has the same raw strength as Ben Solo and commented that although it didn't scare him before, he now fears it. However, it looks like the power itself wasn't what scared Luke the most.

Star Wars has previously released a book Secrets of the Jedi which is basically a collection of Luke's notes that he wrote down between Star Wars: The Force Awakens to his death in The Last Jedi (via Screenrant). One of the entries discusses Force bonds.

"Though this may seem like a harmless - and perhaps even valuable - ability, it is easily manipulated by those on the dark side. Some powerful Force users have been able to create secret bonds with others who are unaware of their connection. They then use these bonds to corrupt their target and steer their actions. Even if the unwanted bond is detected, it can still be extremely difficult to break," Luke wrote.

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It is also made clear that Luke has two particular people in mind as the entry is accompanied by an image of Rey and Kylo Ren. Interestingly, it is confirmed that Luke was terrified of the idea that the Force bond between the two could lead to Rey being corrupted by Ben in the same way that Ben was connected to Palpatine.


It's an interesting revelation considering that the Force bond also led to Rey being saved by Ben. For once, we're actually glad that Luke was wrong about this one.

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