Star Wars Reveals Surprising New Details About Yoda's Exile in Dagobah

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Credit: Lucasfilm

It's been over four decades since Lucasfilm kickstarted the original Star Wars trilogy and while diehard fans of the franchise would think that they already know everything there is to know about Episodes VI, V, and VI, it turns out that there's still a lot left to unpack 40 something years later.

Credit: Lucasfilm

Take for instance Yoda's exile in Dagobah which was one of the main plot points of The Empire Strikes Back. Most of us know the reason behind the Jedi Master's decision to isolate himself on the swamp-covered planet but we don't know exactly how he managed to survive his 20-year banishment from the galaxy.

Now, Star Wars is revealing surprising new details about Yoda's time in Dagobah and what got him through his long and grueling exile. It turns out that Yoda actually developed a love for music thanks to the instrument he created — the blissl. According to a new reference book titled Star Wars: 100 Objects unveiled at New York Comic-Con (via Comic Book Resources), Yoda's blissl was significant in him maintaining his psychological well-being.

An excerpt from the book reads: "This tiny pipe instrument from his days of isolation suggests that Yoda instinctively understood the psychological benefits of creating an artifact and experiencing a moment of joy, despite the widespread turmoil afflicting the galaxy. It's intriguing to think of Yoda, always deeply in touch with the Force, alone on Dagobah yet surrounded by a landscape teeming with life, and finding some solace in music. Perhaps, during his final days, Yoda would have essayed a tune on the blissl, adding his own melody to the chorus of the natural world around him."

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Who would have thought that Yoda actually had an affinity for music? When you think about it though, it might explain the Jedi Master's calm and collected nature and it's a shame we never got to see him play his blissl.

The original Star Wars trilogy is available for streaming on Disney+.