Star Wars Reveals One Jedi Much, Much More Powerful Than Vader

Darth Vader might have had immense power and strength, however, it seems like the galaxy far, far away had a Jedi more powerful than the Sith Lord (other than Jedi Master Yoda, of course).

Darth Vader #3-4 explores Vader's experience as he undergoes Sith training after the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and in the first few chapters of the comic book series (via CBR), we get to see the apprentice of Darth Sidious take the first step by obtaining a crimson lightsaber.

Vader has to build the weapon from scratch, and in order to craft the saber, the Sith Lord has to defeat a Jedi in battle. He then has to take the Jedi's lightsaber and then torture the weapon's Kyber crystal with the warrior's anger and pain. This process makes the crystal bleed red.

The process isn't easy, of course. Vader must search for a Jedi after Order 66. Fortunately, Anakin Skywalker's knowledge of the Jedi Order brings the Sith Lord to the river moon of Al'doleem where he finds the Jedi Kirak Infil'a.

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As powerful as he is, Vader finds it difficult to defeat Kirak. The Jedi is much stronger than the Sith Lord. During his time in the Jedi Order, Kirak trained as a warrior. Not only is the Jedi known to be a master in lightsaber combat, but he also has exceptional abilities as a meditator and negotiator for the Force. The only reason Vader is able to defeat Kirak is when he attempts to destroy a city.

It might come as a surprise to fans to hear that Vader was nearly defeated by a relatively unknown Jedi, but the Darth Vader comic proves that there are Jedi who are more powerful than the Sith Lord.

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