Star Wars: The Mandalorian Actor Confirms He Wasn't Cast Until Filming Already Began

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While Baby Yoda has captured the hearts of the Star Wars fans, The Mandalorian wouldn't be the same without Pedro Pascal portraying the titular character, Din Djarin. In the majority of the first season, Mando had his helmet on, so as not to reveal his face, so Pascal breathes life into the character with his voice. And as it turns out, the actor didn't even don the Mandalorian armor until they were doing camera tests for the show.

"At the start of this thing, the most secret part of it was the first phone call," Pascal told Yahoo Movies UK. "They said that Jon Favreau and [executive producer] Dave Filoni wanted to meet me to talk about ‘something Star Wars'. Those were the words."


He recalled meeting Favreau in a room with walls covered with illustrations of the first season "corner to corner," with a "Boba Fett-looking character" at the center and of course, Baby Yoda. On the same day, Pascal said they took him to the set while the studio was doing camera tests.

"They introduced me to Kathleen Kennedy, they put the helmet on my head and then Jon sent me off with six scripts to look at and to get an idea," the actor added. "I might be getting him in trouble. The studio may not know this."

Pascal says he did this to "get an idea," to help him "consider the project" and for the studio to "consider whose voice" they wanted to hear from the mask. Obviously he got the part. "And as we got closer to launching the first season while shooting the second, it's now a very practiced lockdown on all things to make sure that nothing gets out," the actor explained.

The actor's casting in the titular role definitely paid off and is even set to appear in two more seasons. Pascal compares being a part of the galaxy far, far, away as being in a "big family," and is learning more about it in the process. Needless to say, fans can't wait to see what's more to come in the following seasons.

Pascal returns as Din Djarin in Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 this October on Disney+.

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