Star Wars Reveals Darth Vader Learning About His Missing Son Thanks To (Spoiler)

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One of the biggest twists in cinematic history came when Darth Vader revealed his ties to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Fans were stunned when the terrifying heavy-breathing villain told Luke that he was his father and while many assumed that Vader knew his connection to Luke because of the Force, the news actually came from a third party – Boba Fett.

Though it isn't explicitly featured in any of the original trilogy installments, Marvel's new Star Wars comic shows fans just how Darth Vader learns about his link to Luke Skywalker in Darth Vader#6. Set shortly after the events of Star Wars: A New Hope, the sixth issue of Marvel's Darth Vader comic book series has the Sith Lord investigating the identity of the Force-sensitive pilot who had destroyed the Death Star.

Vader assigns Boba Fett to the task, and the comic book readies fans for a climactic showdown between the bounty hunter and Luke Skywalker. Luke manages to clumsily make it out alive with the help of R2D2 and while Boba Fett returns empty handed, he is able to give the Rebel hero's name to Vader.


When Boba Fett reveals Luke as a "Skywalker," Vader dismisses the bounty hunter so that he can focus on his memories of the pregnant Padme and how Palpatine had told him that his wife had died as a result of his rage.

Looking out into space, the glass begins to crack as Vader focuses on his rage learning that he actually had a son out there. It's a stunning moment – one that would have been a lovely addition to the movies.

The Skywalker saga is available for streaming on Disney+.

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