Star Wars Reveals A Gay Couple Was In The Resistance All Along

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Without a doubt, representation matters for people who adore different movies and franchises. There have been numerous efforts to put persons of color as well as female characters on the big screen. The Star Wars universe is all for representation. Fans have been expecting an LGBTQ+ representation for some time now, and as it turns out, there was one all along.

Justin Ridge and Brandon Auman, producers of Star Wars Resistance, recently shared an awesome revelation. In an interview in the latest episode of the Coffee With Kenobi podcast, the producers confirmed that a gay couple was just in plain sight.


Ridge says, "I think it's safe to say they're an item." Revealing the characters Orka and Flix being a gay couple, which were voiced by Bobby Moynihan and Jim Rash, respectively. Surprisingly, it was there all along, ever since the show premiered; and Brandon Auman shares they're proud of that.

Fans actually speculated the two to be in a relationship from the start, so this won't be a surprise (via io9). Although the characters refer to themselves as "partners," fans assumed that something is up about between the two.

Being the first openly gay couple to be portrayed on screen, of course, fans were ecstatic and so were the voice actors. In particular, Moynihan expressed his excitement when the characters' relationship was official. "Oh, I'm so happy we're allowed to say it," Moynihan says.

The actor even revealed that he was equipped with a response once he gets asked a question about the couple, in the event that the relationship won't be announced. Moynihan said, "I have had a sentence prepared for a year and a half if someone would finally ask me. I would say, 'All I can say is when Flix says 'I love you,' Orca says 'I know.'"

While Orka and Flix are the first gay couple revealed, they aren't human; fans are still expecting a humanoid couple to be featured on screen. Nevertheless, Star Wars made strides to welcome queer representation which is certainly a huge step in the right direction.

Star Wars Resistance's second season premieres on October 6 on Disney Channel.

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