Star Wars Resistance's Christopher Sean is Nightwing in Gotham Knights

Christopher Sean's tenure as Kazuda Xiono on Star Wars may have ended with Resistance, but it looks like he's set to play a pop-culture icon in one of the most highly-anticipated games of 2021.

The official Gotham Knights page has just revealed the main voice cast of the game, and it's been revealed that Sean will be playing the part of Bludhaven's savior, Nightwing. Here's the post:

While Batgirl may come out as the smartest of the Bat-Family (what with her Oracle status), Nightwing has been considered by a lot of fans as Bruce Wayne's true successor. Sure Damian Wayne may be his son, but Dick Grayson was Bruce's first Robin, and he had even made something of himself by becoming his own icon.

If anything, the roster of Gotham Knights kind of plays out like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Nightwing is Leonardo, the headstrong leader; Batgirl is Donatello, the smart one; Jason Todd is Raphael, the hot head brute; and Robin is Michaelangelo, the youngest. Even the characters are all color-coded the same way.

While Sean may be done playing Kaz for now, there is still a lot of hope that he could come back to Star Wars in one way or another. He actually looks a lot like the character and it would be great if Sean got to play Kaz in live-action. Hopefully, there's some room in Lucasfilm's plans for a return to the Sequel Trilogy era.

For now, you can wait for Sean's Nightwing when Gotham Knights comes out sometime in 2021.

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