Star Wars Rebels Voice Actor Opens Up About Series’ Sequel

Star Wars fans might be looking for a sequel to Star Wars Rebels, however, it seems like Lucasfilm has yet to confirm a follow-up to the hit Star Wars animated series.

Speaking in an interview with Bespin Bulletin, Ezra Bridger voice actor Taylor Gray was asked about the future of Star Wars Rebels.

Fans have long since been wondering whether Lucasfilm would ever develop a sequel to the series. After all, the series finale left everyone with an open ending. The sequel to Rebels could certainly follow the adventures of Ahsoka and Sabine as they try to search for Ezra in the uknown regions.

While most fans would like to see Star Wars Rebels 2, Gray says that Lucasfilm has yet to express interest in a follow up to the animated series. All the voice actor's ever heard of has been rumors online talking about the Rebels sequel.

"I probably can't say anything," Gray shared with Bespin Bulletin, "I don't want it to seem like I'm hiding anything, just don't really have anything to add on that. I haven't heard anything beyond the rumors online about a sequel."

It's definitely a shame that Lucasfilm hasn't given any definitive confirmation about the development of Rebels 2. The series enjoyed a whole lot of positive reviews from critics. We're certain that a sequel to Rebels would gain the same amount of attention and accolades as its predecessor.

Let's just wait and see whether Lucasfilm decides to develop Rebels 2.

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