Star Wars Rebels Sequel Coming in November?

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Disney+ has quite the year packed with Marvel and Star Wars releasing two series each, but it looks like we may have a solid release month for a thirdStar Wars property, the sequel to Star Wars Rebels.

Last month it was reported that the sequel to Rebels would be coming out this winter, and now Kessel Run Transmissions' Noah Outlaw has reported that the follow-up will actually come out in November. Here's the post:

A November release would make sense for the show, seeing that The Mandalorian Season 2 is set to come out in October. If that's the case, then Disney would have the last three months of the tear each debuting a highly-anticipated show. In December, we're also going to get Marvel's WandaVision.


We don't have a look for this sequel to Rebels yet, but it's said that the animation style would stick closely to that of The Clone Wars and Rebels. As it stands, The Clone Wars still probably has the highest level of quality to fans, with Rebels being in second place and Resistance in third. Personally, I would have preferred they try out a 2D-animated style, not much different from the Voltron reboot or The Legend of Korra.

As far as previews go, we should expect a teaser to release sometime in June or July. Hopefully, Disney finds a good balance of promotion since this sequel releases close to the second season of The Mandalorian as well. Then again, nothing official has been announced, so we should take this November slate with a grain of salt.

The sequel to Star Wars Rebels is rumored to come out this November.

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