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Star Wars: Psychiatrist Settles Debate Surrounding Jawas Being Kleptomaniacs

Credit: Lucasfilm

It can't be denied that Jawas are some of the most notorious creatures on the face of the galaxy but they've definitely earned the love and appreciation of Star Wars fans despite their antics.

Obi Jawa
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Credit: Lucasfilm

The meter-tall furry humanoids have long been accused of being "kleptomaniacs" but is that really a fair thing to say? It turns out that's not the case and according to a psychiatrist, Jawas aren't kleptomaniacs and if anything, they just really like stealing things for their own personal purposes.

Speaking with GQ, psychiatrist and psychotherapist Dr. Eric Bender broke down the mental health and psychology of several Star Wars characters, including the Jawas and he says that calling them kleptomaniacs isn't accurate. He explains: "Kleptomania is an impulse control disorder. It means that you have this feeling, this urge to steal something, usually not of any monetary value, something that doesn't really matter to you, you go ahead and steal it."

He continued: "It's the urge to do it and you have to answer to it. Stealing, the way the Jawas do, they're stealing because they're selling things. They're wanting money. That's a big difference between kleptomania and actually stealing for purposes of just getting money and being able to trade things in." Well, I guess that settles the debate once and for all.

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The Jawas' home planet of Tatooine has been heavily featured in the Star Wars franchise as of late and with The Mandalorian set to premiere early next year, it would be safe to assume that Mando and Grogu will once again find themselves encountering the said creatures.

Jawas previously made appearances in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

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