Star Wars: Mark Hamill Reveals He's Been Doing 'Secret Voice Cameos' Since 2015

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Credit: Lucasfilm

I think we can all agree that if there's one actor synonymous with the Star Wars franchise, it has got to be Mark Hamill. The Hollywood legend has been part of the Star Wars universe since its inception in the 1970s and even after Luke Skywalker died in Episode VIII — The Last Jedi, Hamill has made appearances in other projects under the Lucasfilm banner.

But did you know that he's been pulling double duty since the sequel trilogy started? Apparently, Hamill has been doing "secret" voice cameos since 2015 most fans aren't aware of.

Mark revealed the jaw-dropping bit when a fan pointed out on Twitter that he voiced the droid EV-9D9 in The Mandalorian. According to Hamill himself, he's done secret voice cameos for all Star Wars films that have come out in the Disney era so far — from the sequel trilogy, Rogue One, and Solo. You truly learn something new every day.

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Credit: lucasfilm

As for Mark's future in the franchise, while it's evident that the Mandoverse has plans of revisiting Luke Skywalker's story in upcoming seasons of The Mandalorian and potentially, his own solo spinoff show, Lucasfilm will most likely cast a new actor to play the Jedi Master but doesn't mean there's no way for Hamill to get involved.

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Now that we know that he's been secretly lending his voice in various Star Wars projects, I expect Disney to continue the tradition in future projects. I'd also be down with him returning as a Force ghost in a future Star Wars trilogy set years after the Skywalker saga. I think that would be great.

Meanwhile, the Skywalker saga is available for streaming on Disney+.