Star Wars: Mark Hamill Pokes Fun at the Reylo Fandom

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Ever since the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans on the internet have been "shipping" a Kylo Ren and Rey romance, and with The Last Jedi coming out, their prayers were answered with a bond forming between the two. Lovingly dubbed "Reylo," countless fan art and images have been popping up online, and Mark Hamill has decided to play along with the fandom on Twitter.

When a fan asked Hamill on Twitter on whether he supported "Reylo," Hamill replied with:


This then lead to a flurry of Kylo Ren/Rey images ranging from tasteful fanart to ridiculous "Ben Swolo" memes. After a while, Hamill then posted this:

If you follow the thread, you'll find all the images supporting the ship, and even clips of Hamill himself suggesting that there was a romantic tension between the two.

With Harrison Ford openly hating on Star Wars, it's fun to watch Hamill embrace the fandom wholly. Sure he must be tired from being bombarded by Star Wars questions all the time, but looking at him in public, you won't get the sense that he's "tired" of being Luke Skywalker.

As for Reylo, we got to see Rey completely shutting Kylo out in the end of The Last Jedi. Rian Johnson believes that there's still some form of redemption for Kylo, and as for Reylo, I think it'll definitely be addressed in Star Wars Episode IX.

Star Wars Episode IX is slated for a release on Dec. 20, 2019.

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