Star Wars: Luke Skywalker Makes a Major Rogue One Reference

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has a weird legacy in the franchise's canon, with some thinking that it was a great war story while others felt that it was too predictable and was riddled with dull characters. Still, it left an impact on the fandom and these characters are now immortalized for giving the Death Star plans to The Resistance through a CGI Princess Leia.

Still, their sacrifices should mean something to the canon, which is why Star Wars #71 is going to be a pleasant read for Rogue One fans. Luke Skywalker finds a Force wielder named Warba who isn't even a Jedi, which shocks our hero. Warba soon teaches Luke a familiar phrase that might make a Rogue One fan tear up.

"I am one with The Force. And The Force is one with me."

Yup, that's a reference to Chirrut Imwe from Rogue One, who used the phrase constantly with succession. Imwe was able to battle a number of troops and make his way through a barrage of bullets unharmed thanks to his constant muttering of "I am one with The Force. And The Force is one with me."


Luke is soon able to use the phrase and manages to defeat a number of droids with ease, which makes Skywalker happy. It's clear that the phrase made him more one with The Force and will probably make fans wonder why he threw it away, to begin with. Those are the Last Jedi haters.

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Credit: Marvel Comics/CBR

While I didn't care much for Rogue One, this is a fun reference. More mentions like these will make the spinoff films more important so the more they're used the better.

Star Wars #71 is now available in comic book stores.


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