Star Wars: Lucasfilm Boss Confirms Return to Sequel Trilogy in Future Movies

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The Star Wars sequel trilogy has been divisive amongst fans and some of the events and decisions are still being discussed in the fandom up to this day. There have been questions lately about whether the franchise will explore that era again someday considering that their current live-action shows are connected mostly to the prequel and original trilogies. Now, it looks like we finally have the answer.

Speaking with Empire during the red carpet at the Star Wars Celebration event, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy was asked about their plans for the future of the theatrical films in the franchise to which she revealed that the upcoming movies will be set around the sequel trilogy era.

"We’re moving further beyond the existing sequels as we look to our movie space," she said. "[The sequel era] is what we talk a lot about in terms of where we’re going with our movies, and just how far out from that we’ll go. That’s very much the space we’re concentrating on."

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Kennedy also affirmed once again that the Rian Johnson trilogy that they announced a few years ago is still in development. However, the director is still busy on the Knives Out films which is why we haven't heard any updates about the progress of the project.

"Rian had such a gigantic success with Knives Out that he’s very committed to trying to get that done. So it’ll be a while," she said. "As you know, we have to work three, five years in advance on what we’re doing. So that’s where that sits."

Despite the divisive response to the sequel trilogy, it looks like Lucasfilm is still committed to telling more stories during that era. While the news might be disappointing or frustrating to some, it could also be a way for them to correct some of the flaws and mistakes that they made in those films and redeem them to be a great part of the galaxy far, far away that fans would appreciate.

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For now, you can catch the latest Star Wars series Obi-Wan Kenobi which just premiered its first 2 episodes today on Disney+.


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