Star Wars: Hayden Christensen Has Surprising Opinion About the Sequel Trilogy

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The reception to the Star Wars sequel trilogy has been pretty much divisive and some of the decisions throughout the three films have been a source of discussions amongst fans even up to this day. However, despite the trilogy's mixed reactions, it looks like they have found a fan from a major player in the prequel trilogy.

Speaking with Kakuchopurei, Hayden Christensen, who is set to make his return as Darth Vader in the upcoming series Obi-Wan Kenobi, was asked about his thoughts on the sequel trilogy and how it affected the legacy of Darth Vader. To what may be the surprise of some fans, he revealed that he actually enjoyed the films.

"I really enjoyed the Sequel Trilogy. I think it was great the way that they honored this character," he said. "I really enjoyed sort of everything they’ve been up to with and it was fun for me to just go back to being a fan, and watch these stories like everybody else."

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Obviously, Christensen is entitled to his own opinion and it's great to hear that he enjoyed watching the sequel trilogy as well as appreciated what they did in honoring the character of Darth Vader in some capacity. While fans might have mixed feelings regarding the trilogy, you can't deny that there is something in them that you can enjoy and Christensen certainly found some entertainment value in them.

A lot of fans are now excited to see Christensen's return to the franchise and see his take on Darth Vader, who is expected to be at the height of his powers when he is depicted in the upcoming series. It's also been a long time since we've last seen him in the spotlight and it is interesting to see him and Ewan McGregor play their respective roles 17 years after Revenge of the Sith was released.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi is set to premiere with two episodes this Friday on Disney+.


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