Star Wars Lightsaber Colors and What They Mean

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Lightsabers are the signature weapons of the the Jedi order and their Sith counterparts in the Star Wars movie universe and Star Wars expanded universe, and they come in different colors, but do you know what the lightsaber colors mean? 

Using information from WookieepediaEvanNova95 (via Vox) created a cool chart that breaks down all the known lightsaber colors, along with the characters who use them. It also includes the colors featured in the Star Wars extended universe. Check it out: 

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Even though a lot of Star Wars fans already know what the four colors in the Star Wars movie universe mean, the ones in the expanded universe might be new to some, including myself. I hope we see these uncommon colors used in the new Star Wars trilogy and spin-off films. So which lightsaber color would you choose?

Source; Vox