20 Nov 2018 11:28 AM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars Legend Mark Hamill’s Wild Suggestion For Luke’s Mom Was Shut Down By George Lucas

Mark Hamill might be a Star Wars legend and a true blue fan of the galaxy far, far away, but it seems like Star Wars' Luke Skywalker can have the wildest suggestions sometimes. Hamill had a lot of pretty stupendous ideas that he wasn't afraid of sharing with Star Wars creator George Lucas back when he was working on the original trilogy, and one of those suggestions involved Boba Fett being Luke's mother.

Tatooine Sons: A Star Wars Podcast took to Twitter to discuss a crazy theory going around between the release of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi – one that reportedly involved Hamill. Responding to the accusation, the Star Wars legend confessed to everything: Hamill had actually once suggested to George Lucas that the only way the team could top Vader being Luke's father is to have Boba Fett as the character's mother.

"I envisioned her as a double-agent working clandestinely for the Rebels. SPOILER ALERT: He (Lucas) didn't like my idea."

Ever since his introduction in The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett has been a fan-favorite character. While it would have been interesting to see Boba Fett as a woman, the bounty hunter has always been written as a male character, and we're not quite sure how fans would react to the revelation back then.


Sure fans might have gone wild when they learned that Solo: A Star Wars Story's supposed villain Enfys Nest had been a young female Rebel all along, but the sentiment might not have been the same during Return of the Jedi's release in 1983.

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