20 Nov 2018 10:45 AM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars Legend Mark Hamill Tells His Space Nephew Adam Driver To 'Smile More'

It's Adam Driver's birthday today, and it looks like legendary Star Wars actor Mark Hamill has a lot of great things to say about his on-screen nephew from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Hamill decided to shower Driver with affection, giving the actor a shout out for "no particular reason other than being an incredibly versatile actor, a truly kind person, and someone who doesn't get the credit he deserves for a delightful sense of humor or his expert karaoke skills." The Star Wars legend even adds a nice little hashtag telling his space nephew to smile a little bit more.

Check out the tweet down here:

On screen, Luke Skywalker and his nephew the estranged Ben Solo (otherwise known by many as Kylo Ren) share a pretty rough relationship, and in The Last Jedi, fans get to understand why.


Seeing the darkness fester in his nephew's mind, for a moment, just for a momentLuke thinks of putting an end to Ben. With his lightsaber in his hand, it is that short passing thought that plunges Han (Harrison Ford) and Leia's (the late Carrie Fisher) son further into the Dark Side, pushing him into the arms of Snoke and thus creating Kylo Ren.

While some fans have issues with Luke's characterization in The Last Jedi, it's pretty hard to deny the complexity of Kylo Ren, and Driver, being the talented actor that he is, gives a compelling performance playing the estranged and troubled character.

Now, with Star Wars: Episode IX well on its way, we can't wait and see what happens to the new Supreme Leader of the First Order. Will Kylo Ren see redemption, or will he fall further into the abyss? Let's wait and see.

Episode IX hits cinemas December 20, 2019.

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