Star Wars Legend Mark Hamill Admits He Once Gave Really Bad Advice To Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Mark Hamill's Star Wars character Luke Skywalker might be strong with the Force, but that doesn't mean the Star Wars legend always gives great advice to others. According to Hamill, there are times he gives pretty bad advice, and one of those times was with the legendary action star and former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Yesterday, one of Hamill's fans admitted that she sometimes wished that she had a t-shirt going "What Would Mark Hamill Say." It was a cute little tweet, one that prompted the actor to reveal that he didn't necessarily give the best advice all of the time.

Responding to the fan, Hamill revealed that Schwarzenegger once asked him for advice when he was just starting out with his career, and the Star Wars star could only tell him to lose his accent and change his family name so that he could play more roles in Hollywood.

Check out Hamill's tweet right here:


While the Star Wars legend does have a point in saying that actors need to be flexible to stay in the game, Schwarzenegger really didn't need to drop his accent at all to rise to stardom. In fact, it was the actor's accent that added to his charisma, helping him become the action icon he is today. Schwarzenegger has appeared in a whole lot of films like The Terminator, Predator, True Lies and Sabotage.

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