Star Wars Legend Harrison Ford Owns Up To Runway Incident at California Airport

It looks like Harrison Ford is taking responsibility for an incident at a California airport.

Star Wars legend and Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford was reportedly piloting a plane at Hawthorne Airport in Los Angeles on Friday. The actor was crossing over a runway, unfortunately, it was the same runway where a different aircraft had been attempting to come in for a landing. Though no one was injured during the incident, the runway crossing could have become a major accident.

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is currently investigating the incident and has sent an email statement to CNN.

"The FAA is investigating an incident in which the pilot of an Aviat Husky taxied across the runway at Hawthorne Municipal Airport Friday afternoon while another aircraft was performing a touch-and-go landing."

Responding to inquiries from journalists regarding the incident, Ford's representative just recently issued a statement to CNN, saying that the Star Wars actor is owning up to the mistake and apologizing to the ATC.

"Mr. Ford crossed the airport's only runway in his aircraft after he misheard a radio instruction from ATC. He immediately acknowledged the mistake and apologized to ATC for the error. The purpose of the flight was to maintain currency and proficiency in the aircraft. No one was injured and there was never any danger of a collision."

Of course, this isn't the first time that Ford has had mishaps with airplanes. The Indiana Jones star crashed a helicopter back in 1999 when he was in a training exercise with a flight instructor. He also had an incident back in 2017 at the John Wayne Airport in California.

Ford has certainly had a history with aviation. We can only wait on the results of the FAA's investigation.

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