06 Feb 2019 11:26 AM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars' John Boyega Willing To Return To His Roots In An 'Attack The Block' Sequel

Before the world knew him as the defector of the First Order in the Star Wars franchise, John Boyega rose to fame breaking out in the 2011 genre film, Attack the Block. While the actor might have better prospects now that he's known for his roles in the Star Wars and Pacific Rim film franchise, Boyega says that he'd be very glad to return and participate in a sequel to the film that launched his career.

Taking to Instagram, the English actor decided to share a picture taken from Attack the Block. Though taken out of context, a fan decided to ask whether or not Boyega would do a sequel, and according to the Star Wars star, he would "if the supporters want it then I'll have to get back to Peckham ASAP."

Check out the post down here:

For those who aren't familiar with Attack the Block, Peckham is a small neighborhood in London where the movie's story takes place. In the movie, an alien invasion springs out in Peckham, forcing the children of the neighborhood to band together, make unlikely allies and fight back against the cosmic threat.

While the British science fiction comedy horror movie by Joe Cornish only placed third when it premiered in 2011 (right behind Thor and Fast Five), Attack the Block received a whole lot of critical acclaim from fans and critics. It's also gained a passionate following after its initial release. Right now the film is enjoying a 90% review score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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