Star Wars Actor John Boyega is NOT a Fan of Naruto Spinoff Boruto

Star Wars actor John Boyega has recently been one of the more prominent figures when it comes to the #BlackLivesMatter protests, but now he looks to be loosening up online. Just in, he's shared what anime he's started to try out, and apparently he couldn't stand the Naruto spinoff, Boruto.

This was his post on Twitter:

Admittedly, a lot of fans online have been critical of Boruto ever since the series came out. Though some say that the current episodes have been better, there has been a lot of flak thrown at the first handful of episodes, especially since it dealt more with the slice-of-life element of the world rather than action.

Just in case you didn't know, Boyega is actually a fan of anime and had revealed his top titles to be Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, Seven Deadly Sins, Attack on Titan, and of course, Naruto. Since the fans of Naruto haven't been too happy with Boruto when it started out, it would make sense that Boyega wouldn't be too happy as well.

If he's willing to slog through the first bunch of episodes though, maybe Boyega will find something to love about the series eventually. Then again, some have suggested that they should just really skip the first 20-something episodes and get right to the meat of the series.

Personally, I was kind of falling out of my Naruto fandom toward the end, but I understand that Boruto is for a whole new generation of Shinobi fans.

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