Star Wars Infographic Shows the Insane Cost of Powering the Death Star

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The Empire doesn't hold back its money when it comes to ruling the galaxy. We previously learned that building the two Death Stars would cost the Empire $419 Quintillion dollars. We also learned the cost of Darth Vader's suit and the cost of building a real-world AT-AT. Now, we know how much it would cost to power up a Death Star thanks to this infographic created by Ovo Energy. The total amount of 7.81 Octillion US Dollars per day!

Here's what the number looks written out:



Check out the infographic below: 

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Here's the note that came with the infographic: 

Dear Mr Vader, your energy bill’s arrived...and it’s really quite something. In fact, you might want to take a deep (hoarse) breath about now.
Yes, with the latest Star Wars spin-off set to zoom into cinemas soon, we got to thinking - just how much would it cost to power an evil empire? And what are the practical implications of running the Death Star? Aside from fuelling your planet-destroying laser there are, of course, more trivial matters to consider. Like feeding your crew, dealing with their laundry and disposing of the rubbish. You see? Even super villains need to do chores. 
See our graphic here for the figures at a glance. Or, for further details, see our in-depth workings below.