Star Wars Icon Mark Hamill Confirms Hilarious A New Hope Line was His Idea

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There is little doubt that A New Hope has several memorable lines that fans continue to quote today. Interestingly, most of these lines were not scripted but still ended up in the first Star Wars film. For instance, Mark Hamill has just revealed that one of Luke Skywalker's hilarious lines was actually unscripted and that he came up with the idea.

A fan recently reached out to Hamill on Twitter in hopes that he would debunk a rumor about A New Hope. "Luke's line in A New Hope, 'I can't see a thing in this helmet,' was not scripted. Mark Hamill said this to Harrison Ford when he thought the cameras had stopped rolling. They, however, decided to leave it in," the factoid reads. When the fan asked whether this is true, the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker actor had an interesting response. Check it out below.

"It was not scripted, but I said it when I knew the cameras were rolling. I knew it didn't matter because I had the helmet on & no one could see my face anyway. Everyone liked it, so George let me keep the line in subsequent takes," Hamill wrote before adding the hashtag #TrueStory.

We're loving the idea that George Lucas trusted Hamill's adlib since it made for one of the funniest moments in A New Hope. Needless to say, we're glad that this rumor has been debunked and that it was actually Hamill's idea.

What's your favorite line from A New Hope? Sound off in the comments below.

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