07 Mar 2019 12:31 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Theme Parks Get Official Release Dates

Besides the release of Star Wars Episode IX, Lucasfilm is also gearing up for the Star Wars themed Disneyland expansions dubbed Galaxy's Edge. We've been hyping up for the park since last year, and a new trailer drop reveals when Galaxy's Edge will finally be open to the public.

According to D23.com, the first GE is going to open in the Disneyland Resort in California on May 31 and in Disneyworld in Florida in Aug. 29.

Galaxy's Edge is said to be bringing guests to the now canon planet of Batuu, and will run into everything you can expect from a galaxy far far away. There's Oga's Cantina which promises to bring to life the Cantina scene straight from A New Hope complete with alien waiters and themed food. There are also several other rides including the Smuggler's Run which will have guests piloting the Millennium Falcon on a mission given to them by smuggler Hondo Ohnaka.


That's only the tip of the iceberg as well. There is also another ride called Rise of the Resistance, plus you get to see a bunch of random ships in the park like Poe Dameron's X-Wing and something called the TIE Echelon. No Star Wars experience would be complete without the appearance of the Millennium Falcon as well.

No doubt more attractions could be added to the park after it opens. I'm kind of hoping for the different Star Wars eras to circulate throughout the year. One season it could be full of FO stormtroopers, then the other we can have clones and Jedi walking around. Personally I want to see some bounty hunters and smugglers too.

Catch Galaxy's Edge when it opens in Disneyland May 31 and Disneyworld Aug. 29.

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