Star Wars Galaxy's Edge: A New Shot at the TIE Echelon

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Lucasfilm is keeping any details of Star Wars Episode IX under wraps, so fans online have no choice but to cling to any kind of leaks they find online. A photo from the upcoming Disneyland expansion, Galaxy's Edge gave us a teaser of a new kind of TIE fighter called the TIE Echelon. A new photo has come up online on the ship from the back.

A lot of people suspect that this will be Kylo Ren's new ship in Episode IX since other sequel trilogy era ships can be spotted all over the park. It's not the TIE Silencer, but it looks like a cross between Vader's TIE Advanced as well as Kylo's command shuttle.


My guess is that the park had to come up with the Echelon because the original command shuttle from the movies was too tall to practically build. This way the ship is at a reasonable height, and I do have to say it looks pretty cool.

Will we get the ship in Episode IX? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. A panel for the film has already been announced for Star Wars Celebration 2019, and we should expect a drop of the first teaser then including a reveal of the title.

As for Galaxy's Edge, the expansion at Disneyland opens May 31 while the Disneyworld one opens Aug. 29. Star Wars Episode IX comes out Dec. 20.

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