20 Sep 2019 10:36 AM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars Finally Made Dash Rendar Canon Again Through Solo

One of the most unfortunate casualties of the destruction of the Star Wars Expanded Universe was undoubtedly Dash Rendar, who was probably the most compelling character that existed outside of the Star Wars films. Luckily, Dash is finally canon all over again, thanks to a Solo: A Star Wars Story companion book.

Although Dash has been virtually erased from Star Wars, the 2018 book Solo: A Star Wars Story: Tales of Vandor casually brings him back as a "loudmouth flyboy" who claims Chewbacca deserves all the credit for finding the secret routes around the galaxy. According to Dash, Chewie got his intel from the other Wookiees and later shared it with Han Solo, who then told Tobias Beckett all about it.

The book even has a direct quote from Dash himself that teases his rivalry with Han.


"Han got that route from Chewie. And Chewie got it from the Wookiee scouts who helped the Republic back in the Clone Wars. Next time Han's here, ask him and watch how fast he changes the subject. Han Solo, ha. If I'm around, you don't need that guy," Dash reportedly said.

That sounds like something that would come from Dash, alright. After all, he and Han competed with each other at the Imperial Academy. In addition to that, Dash helped Lando Calrissian and Leia Organa track down Han after the latter was captured by Boba Fett.

We're certainly glad that Dash is canon again but could this mean that he'll appear in any new Star Wars movies? It's a possibility since there's a rumored Solo spin-off series being planned for Disney+. However, we would recommend taking this with a grain of salt.

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