Star Wars Fans Spot Amazing Connections Between The Last Jedi and A New Hope

Star Wars: The Last Jedi may have ended up as one of the most divisive entries in Lucasfilm's galaxy far, far away, however, Rian Johnson's controversial entry in the Star Wars sequel trilogy has enjoyed its fair share of commercial and critical success.

Though fan reviews have been mixed, film critics showered the film with attention with the Rotten Tomatoes critic consensus describing The Last Jedi as a film that "honors the saga's rich legacy while adding some surprising twists and delivering all the emotion-rich action fans could hope for."

Now, as Star Wars moves outside of the Skywalker saga, fans have seemingly discovered brilliant connections between The Last Jedi and the first ever Star Wars movie, A New Hope.

Posting on Reddit, fans began sharing the connections between the two after Reddit user u/BiggestTraitor put up a post juxtaposing the moment in A New Hope when Luke says that he feels like he could take on the entire Empire by himself and the moment in The Last Jedi when an older, jaded Luke Skywalker does actually take on the First Order all by himself.

You can take a look at the post down below:

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Commenting on the post, fans begin sharing other connections between Episode IV and Episode VIII noting how "if you play ANH and TLJ at the same time, R2 shows Luke Leia's message at relatively the same time stamp, I believe it's around the 28 minute mark."

The Last Jedi is still full of surprises. And while the film does manage to gain ire from more traditional fans, it has earned the love and respect of many others as well.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is available for streaming on Disney+.

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