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Ewan McGregor To Split Star Wars Royalties With Ex-Wife in Court Ruling

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It looks like Ewan McGregor will not be able to simply "let the past die." The court ruling on the Birds of Prey star's divorce from ex-wife Eve Mavrakis has just been revealed. Interestingly, McGregor will need to split the Star Wars royalties he continues to receive for the prequel trilogy films he worked on with his ex.

The report from TMZ confirms that McGregor and Mavrakis have finally reached the end of their divorce case. It was revealed that the judge had ruled that the couple will still split royalties and residuals from all projects McGregor worked on during their marriage. This would include the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Angels and Demons, The Men Who Stare at Goats, and Moulin Rouge.

In addition to getting a chunk of the royalties, Mavrakis will keep their mansion in LA, all of her jewelry, some bank accounts, 5 vehicles and about $501,704 in cash to even out the asset split. Meanwhile, McGregor will keep hold of 30 vehicles.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

The couple's child has also been considered in the ruling. Since 9-year-old Anouk will be staying with Mavrakis, she'll also receive child support of nearly $15,000 each month. McGregor was also ordered to provide spousal support of more than $35,000 per month.

It seems like a huge price to pay but this also means that McGregor will get to keep everything he earns when he begins working on the Obi-Wan Kenobi series now that the divorce case is over. McGregor filed for divorce on January 2018, ending his 22-year marriage to Mavrakis.

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